The public playground is a foundation for child development. It’s where a child is free to run, play, jump, climb and explore. It’s a place where children of all ages, sizes and abilities can come together and interact and learn from each other and evolve as young adults. Creating a playground that is inclusive for all children, regardless of ability or disability, is something that can benefit the whole community.

It is important in creating an inclusive playground that you not only have elements of accessible design but also create a playground that is useable by all people. You create a playground that is accessible by incorporating the needs of people with disabilities into the design. Using rubber flooring for the surface makes a playground easily accessible to children in a wheelchair or on crutches. Having ramps instead of stairs allows children to easily access the upper reaches of playground equipment. Having quiet spaces allows people with autism and similar special needs to calm down quickly and prevent them from being overwhelmed by a busy playground area.

An inclusive playground should have a range of challenges for kids of all age groups. There should be climbing challenges and it should still incorporate slides and swings. Instead of a standard swing, you can incorporate a bird’s nest swing, which allows several children at once to play on it, and caters for children with disabilities. By creating a sensory environment around the playground with different plants, sand and water elements, such as a pond or water play space; you can engage the whole community.

By creating an inclusive playground you help to break down the barriers of special needs. When children of all ages and abilities can play together they help to change the negative perceptions of people with disabilities. By building a playground where children, adults and caregivers can come together and interact we are helping to build an inclusive and fun environment for everyone in the community.

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