Some of the main benefits of an indoor playground are that it is not weather dependent.  Allowing children a safe space to play in rain, hail or shine.

Creating a themed play area, this will allow children to use their imaginations to the fullest, it will challenge and excite their little minds.

By utilising a theme such as pirate ships, castles, jungles or animals, it portrays a mood to the play area and its surroundings.  This can, in turn, boost the popularity of the play area.

Children are encouraged to role-play and thus increase their imagination, creativity, verbal skills and interactions with each other.

Indoor Playground for Nambour Hospital – Paediatric Ward

The Paediatric ward within the Nambour Hospital decided on an Amazon themed playground for their indoor space.

it includes a train that offers a different activity in each carriage and fibreglass animals to bring it all to life.

With added brightly coloured wall art artistically painted in the jungle theme. This adds to the overall appearance and immerses the children in the experience of ‘being in the jungle’.

This is a great example of using a theme to make an indoor play area stand out from the rest.

If you have an area you would like to turn into an indoor playground contact us today to discuss the available options.Nambour Hospital - Indoor Playground