The Comprehensive Benefits of Installing Shade Sails

The benefits of installing shade covers over playgrounds or sports courts are extensive and multifaceted. At Play Poles, we understand the importance of being SunSmart, especially during our harsh Australian summers. The Cancer Council recommend that shade is one of the easiest ways to protect against UV radiation. Good-quality shade can reduce UV exposure by up to 75%.

Here’s why they are a positive addition to any area:

UV Protection from the Sun

Sun Protection Sails provides essential UV protection, safeguarding children and adults from harmful sun exposure. This is crucial in preventing skin damage and reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Cooling the Area

By blocking direct sunlight, shade covers significantly lower temperatures underneath, creating a cooler and more comfortable environment for everyone. This is particularly beneficial during the hot summer months.

Aesthetic Appeal

Shade awnings or sails add an aesthetically pleasing element to any area. With a variety of designs, fabrics, and colours available, they can be customized to complement the surrounding environment and enhance the overall visual appeal.

Enhanced Ventilation and Reduced Electricity Costs

They promote natural ventilation, which helps in maintaining a pleasant atmosphere. This cooling effect can also lead to reduced reliance on air conditioning, thereby lowering electricity costs.


Compared to permanent structures, they are a cost-effective solution. They offer flexibility in design and installation, making them suitable for various applications without breaking the budget.

Extended Outdoor Time and Weather Protection

Sails provide protection from both harsh UV rays and wet weather, allowing children to spend more time outdoors. This extended playtime is beneficial for their physical health and well-being. Additionally, they protect the equipment and surfaces beneath them, prolonging their lifespan.

Versatile Applications

We offer a wide range of designs, fabrics, and colour choices that can be adapted to any sized area, including:

New or Existing Playgrounds: Enhance safety and comfort for children while they play.
Outdoor Learning Areas: Create a conducive learning environment that is protected from the elements.
School Outdoor Areas: Provide shaded spaces for students to gather, play, and learn.
Swimming Pools: Keep pool areas cool and enjoyable.
Carpark Facilities: Protect vehicles from sun damage and keep them cooler.

Types & Areas for Installations

  • Standard: Triangular, square, or rectangular.
  • Waterproof: Made from waterproof or water-resistant fabric.
  • Commercial Grade: Heavy-duty, high-quality materials for commercial use.
  • Portable: Lightweight and easy to install and remove.
  • Custom: Tailored to fit specific areas and requirements.
  • Architectural: Emphasis on aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.
  • Fixed: Permanently installed and anchored.
  • Retractable: Can be extended or retracted as needed.
  • Patio: Designed for patios and outdoor seating areas.
  • Pool: Designed to cover swimming pool areas.
  • Playground: Built to provide shade over playgrounds.

Popular Designs

  • Triangular: Commonly used in small spaces or combined in multiples for larger areas.
  • Square: Offer a symmetrical and modern look, providing ample shade.
  • Rectangular: Ideal for covering larger areas with a sleek design.
  • Hexagonal: Unique and visually appealing, providing extensive coverage.
  • Multi-Sail Configurations: Using multiple sails in various shapes and sizes to create dynamic and customizable shade solutions.
  • Hypar (Hyperbolic Paraboloid): Feature a twisted design for a striking visual effect and better wind resistance.
  • Shade Canopies with Poles: Incorporate supporting poles to create a more permanent and robust structure.
  • Shade Sails with Curved Edges: Add a touch of elegance and modernity to the design.

These types and designs offer versatility and functionality, allowing them s to be used in various settings and for different purposes, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.

Custom Shade Sail Solutions for Your Needs

Shade covers are an attractive and effective way of protecting young bodies from the sun. At Play Poles, we can design and install custom-made sails, shelters, and roofing solutions to suit your new or existing playground. Our fixings are made from high-quality marine-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and reliability. You will have a choice of shade fabrics and colours to meet your specific requirements.

All can be custom-made to suit your area’s needs. Contact us today, and one of our team members or our Shade Sail contractors will visit your site to take measurements and discuss the available options and ideas.

Investing in shade sails not only enhances the safety and comfort of outdoor spaces but also adds value and beauty to the area. Embrace the benefits of shade sails and create a more enjoyable and protected environment for everyone.

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