There are many types of playgrounds, we can specialize in designing and manufacturing all abilities playgrounds to suit your requirements. Play Poles Pty Ltd has been building and supplying commercial playgrounds for over 20 years.

There are hundreds of outdoor playgrounds out there in our communities, however, a large proportion of these playgrounds are not suitable for children with physical disabilities.

It is important when creating an inclusive playground that you not only have elements of accessible design but also create a playground that is useable by everyone of all abilities or disabilities.

Our team can build and install ramps, wheelchair swings, carousels, sensory boards and much more.

An inclusive playground should have a range of challenges for children of all age groups and abilities. There should be climbing challenges and if possible should still incorporate slides and swings.

Using rubber soft fall (CSBR) for the surface makes a playground easily accessible to children in a wheelchair or on crutches.

By building a playground where children, adults, and caregivers can come together and interact, we are helping to build an inclusive and fun environment for everyone in the community.

If you are looking at installing an all abilities playground or wanting to add all abilities products to an existing playground contact us today.

Ramp access playground
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Playground with ramp access
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