Outdoor Playground Equipment & Products

Playground equipment and products are available for new or existing playgrounds, we can custom design a playground to suit your requirements.

Playgrounds are a place that allows children to develop their physical skills, interact with other children, build their self-confidence, feed their imagination and helps to prepare them for the adult world.

They provide a place that allows children to challenge themselves in a place designed and built especially for them.

Our playground equipment generally addresses the following:

  • Muscular strength, breathing and endurance
  • Refinement of balancing skills
  • Improve physical fitness
  • Development of coordination skills
  • Encourages bilateral and reciprocal arm movement
  • Provides a variety of sensory experiences (tactile, vestibular, proprioceptive and visual stimuli)
  • Improves perception of space, body awareness and judgement (position, direction, size and space

Where are Play Pole’s Products Used? 


Play Poles Pty Ltd is a preferred supplier to The Department of Education, DoE SOA 86552 Playground Equipment for Education Facilities and DoE SOA 97934 Shade Structures for use in Educational Facilities.

We pride ourselves on providing playground equipment and products to Schools that are designed and manufactured to the strictest Australian Standards. All equipment and structures are manufactured to be compliant and to be installed as per Australian Standards.

AS 4685.1-6 2021 & 11:2014

AS 4422:2022

AS 4685.0:2021

And Queensland Development Code Part 22.

It is recommended that each school have hazard minimising systems in place to avoid the risks of injuries associated with the environment in and around their playground and fitness equipment.

  • When purchasing new playground and fitness equipment schools need to consider the safety aspects.
  • When designing and manufacturing commercial outdoor school playground equipment it needs to meet recommended Australian standards and include appropriate shaded areas.
  • All equipment should be maintained and serviced to the manufacturer’s directives and guidelines.
  • Policies, procedures and some safety rules will need to be established and implemented. These will all need to be monitored and reinforced for safe play for students.

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Commercial/ Councils

Play Poles Pty Ltd is a preferred supplier to Local Buy Open Spaces, Parks, Gardens and Playgrounds – BUS 267.

Our team strives to deliver quality commercial equipment and associated products for councils, local parks, estate developers and outdoor community areas including outdoor playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment.

We can custom build outdoor or indoor playgrounds or fitness areas for individual project needs. Play Poles has a wide selection of commercial play and fitness equipment complete with soft-fall options, shade sails, shelters, outdoor furniture and shade structures.

Client’s needs for commercial playground or fitness equipment are a priority and the Play Poles team will work with you to design the playground for your requirements.

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Playground Designs

Below are some examples of playground equipment we can create, however, we can customise all of our playgrounds to suit your specialised requirements.

Optional extras are available like rope nets, activity panels, swings etc.  Colour options can be discussed but are not guaranteed.

All designs are able to have roofing or shade sails added as an optional extra. Designs and options will depend on the area available as fall heights always need to be considered.