Launch children’s imagination into new areas of fitness!

Play Poles Pty Ltd is proud to be the exclusive distributors of Pedal Power playground equipment throughout Queensland and Australia wide. Staying active is very important, but so is having fun!  The Pedal Power equipment is designed for use for two people, encouraging social interaction and teamwork. Even though the equipment is designed for two, each piece of equipment can also be used by individuals. Our designs provide the opportunity for families to exercise together.  Both adults and children can use the equipment as there are two seats set at different heights to allow for longer legs.

Pedal Power is innovative outdoor playground equipment designed to actively involve children of all ages.

  • Great for kid’s exercise
  • Encourage social interaction
  • Promote teamwork
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Irresistible colours, designs and characters
  • Tough equipment, relatively maintenance-free

The Pedal Power range includes the Coaster, Velocitron and Monorail. Pedal Power products are installed in parks all around Queensland and throughout Australia.

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The Coaster

More exciting than the swings, the Coaster is challenging, exciting and very very fast! Jump on with a friend and rip around the circuit, or go solo and push your legs to the limit. Once you get some speed up, you can coast up and down as long as the momentum lets you.  Make sure you are holding on nice and tight, remember safety first.


The Monorail & Monocars

The Monorail is much like a train track it consists of two or more cars/ bikes set on a single track which adults and children can use. There are two seats set at different heights to allow for longer legs. Users just need to pedal the cars/ bikes and they will easily travel around the monorail track. Just like a push bike if you need to stop just pedal backwards and the car/ bike will come to a halt.  Play Poles has redesigned the internal mechanics of the monorail cars/ bikes to modernize the parts, ease servicing and increase durability. The outside of the monorail cars has also had a facelift recently bringing them into the modern age.


The Velocitron

The Velocitron makes a great addition to any outdoor playground.

As the Velocitron riders pedal, the speed increases and centrifugal force lifts the riders outwards, up in the air! The harder you pedal the more fun you have. Remember hold on tight safety first.

Area required: 9.6m Clearance Diameter