Motion Playground Equipment

The Pedal Power Range of playground equipment uses the motion of 2 people to create a fun and healthy playing environment.

Motion play moves us in a way that static equipment cannot. There is nothing more exhilarating than swinging high in the sky or spinning around. Motion play engages a child’s motor skills and involves the muscles in the arms and the legs. Using motion equipment challenges children and creates an environment for growth and personal development.

Spinning Playground Equipment

Spinning is a playground activity that creates a sense of excitement and energy. When children spin areas of the brain are stimulated that help to build new pathways throughout the brain. This leads to improved learning potential, spatial awareness and rhythm. Equipment such as the Velicitron from Play Poles lifts riders outwards and up in the air and meets the demand for interactive play and physical fitness.

Sliding stimulates a child’s sensory systems and also allows them to practice balance. Children improve their motor skills as they practice the unfamiliar motion of sliding down and they experience the sensation of falling as they go. The traditional slide is a popular choice in most playgrounds with twists and turns added to enhance the fun factor.

Swinging Playground EquipmentMono Cars - Motion in the playground

Swinging is a typical motion activity utilised in a playground. As they swing children gain an understanding of how their body moves through space – their position changes constantly and so their brain registers continual updates from their sensory systems.

A rocking motion is important to help stimulate a child’s sense of balance. The back and forth motion helps regulate anxiety, develops muscle tone and establishes a sense of timing. A piece of equipment such as The Coaster from Play Poles is a great example of a rocking motion. It moves in a circular up and down motion resembling the stimulating movements of a roller coaster.
Today there are more motion play options than ever before.

Equipment such as the Pedal Power range from Play Poles is responding to the demand and increasing the challenge and fun for children using it.


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