Using playground equipment allows children to engage in unique sensory experiences. The five common senses used are sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. These senses allow children to enjoy the sensation of sliding down a slide, flying high on swings, feeling sand falling through their hands.  this allows the smells and sounds of play to leave a lasting impression on their growing young minds.

Play can seem quite simple; however it is surprisingly complex in terms of the way in which it supports positive growth and development.  A well designed play environment helps children learn to problem solve, form social skills, develop self-confidence and learn spatial awareness. Designing a play environment that incorporates a variety of the senses supports a healthy sensory integration.

Play features such as a sandbox, a water sprinkler, or an interactive panel, captures a child’s interest in touch. Varying textures and shapes of equipment and including objects is another strategy that engages touch. The use of brightly coloured components, textures and sound engages both sight and sound. By incorporating all of the senses, a playground can contribute to a positive sensory development for children of all ages and abilities.

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