Playground Design

Play Poles Pty Ltd design and manufacture the majority of the play equipment at our warehouse in Kunda Park, located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The Play Poles team will work with you at every stage of your project. We make sure the configuration of our Play Pole structures, components and accessories best suits your needs and requirements. Our qualified staff will help you tailor the project to suit your budget and time allocation. You will benefit from 20+ years experience of skills and advice when planning your playground.

Play Poles Manufactures

We pride ourselves on using high quality materials when constructing and manufacturing your playground or fitness equipment range. Where we can we choose to utilise Australian made products. Some of the materials used in constructing a playground are as follows.

Stainless Steel


Galvanised Steel

HDPE Polymers

Recycled Polymers

Powder Coated Finishes

Synthetic Fibre – Steel Core

Once we receive the approval to go ahead with your custom playground,  Play Poles will commence manufacturing your playground design. Your components are carefully matched, selected, finished and partially assembled to your requirements and made ready for transportation to your site.

Delivery & Playground Installation

The new playground is delivered to your site specifications and the Play Poles team will then install the system for you to Australian Standards. We strive to deliver your playground on time and within budget with immediate use for kids to play on.

Our team make themselves available to discuss your project with you at anytime. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Playground Repairs and Maintenance

Playgrounds are designed and manufactured to last for years. Some of the outdoor playgrounds that we have installed are still going strong after 15 years of full time use.

With the environmental stresses that playgrounds have to withstand over the years, it’s imperative that they are maintained and if repairs are required they should be attended to as soon as possible.

The Play Poles team can conduct all repairs required to keep your playground functioning for years to come.

Contact us today or if your in need of spare parts for your playground take a look at our brochure.

Spare Parts Brochure