Play Poles offers a great range of innovative rope courses & nets for playgrounds. The rope is made up of twisting synthetic fibre over a steel wire core making it highly durable in all weather conditions. The courses offer children interactive play time that assists their coordination, balance and agility. There are low-level elements for pre-school ages through to challenging higher level activities for bigger children.

Climbing on a rope course is an activity that engages the whole body, it improves balance and coordination and contributes to a child’s decision making skills. When designing climbing opportunities good rope based equipment can provide a graduated challenge that is unique to each climb. A well designed rope course can provide a challenge for all ages and abilities and children can use them to a level that suits. By emphasising movement you help develop a child’s motor skills, coordination, balance and perceptions.

We can supply and install Activity & Orb Net rope courses that range from 4 to 6 meters, these make a great addition to any playground. The Activity & Orb Nets allow a large amount of children to play in a small area. The Activity & Orb Nets are designed to challenge children from 5 years and upwards.

For more information about the rope courses that are now available contact us.