Legislation, electronic games and over-protective parents have all contributed to a very different play environment for children today. It is important when designing and creating a play area, that we are still challenging children’s imagination and provide ample opportunity for risk taking. When creating ‘manageable risk’ we allow children to develop their ability to assess challenges and in turn this helps to create independent adults. When designing a suitable play space for children it is important to emphasise active play involving climbing and movement.

Climbing is an activity that engages the whole body, it improves balance and coordination and contributes to a child’s decision making skills. When designing climbing opportunities good rope based equipment can provide a graduated challenge that is unique to each climb. A well designed rope course can provide a challenge for all ages and abilities and children can use them to a level that suits. By emphasising movement you help develop a child’s motor skills, coordination, balance and perceptions. If you’d like some further information on our rope courses contact us today.