Shading our sport courts for sun safety is a growing trend here in Australia as our ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels can be quite high in the middle of our summers. We just want to keep our kids safe from the harsh summer sun.

shading sport courtsSome of us grew up playing our team sports on dirt courts, or maybe you had the unfortunate pleasure like me to fall over on the gravel netball courts and skin both your hands and knees.

We all grew up running and playing on open grassy fields with the sun beating down on us with not a care in the world.

How things have changed, the grassy fields are all still there and our kids are still running and playing on them. However, we are much more sun smart and safety conscious these days.

Some sports courts are covered with shade sails or shelters and most playgrounds add soft fall safety surfaces. We install covered grandstands and outdoor seating for parents and friends, so they can watch in comfort and be protected from the elements.

These days most of the sports courts are now smooth cement, still, a bit of a killer when you fall over but kids bounce don’t they? Shelters are now constructed over our kid’s sports courts to protect them from the harsh Australian sun.

shading sport court

If your sports club or school is interested in looking into shading an existing sport courts or fields give us a call or send us an enquiry.

You may be wanting to rip up that old gravel netball court and install a new cement or synthetic turf court we can assist you with this all so just contact us today.