Any exercise is good for your mental and physical wellbeing but rather than using an indoor gym, where all you can look at is four walls, it is better to take your exercise outside. Heading outdoors allows you to take in the scenery and appreciate the fresh air and there is more variety in terms of activities you can do outdoors vs an indoor gym.

outdoor exercise & fitness equipment

By being active outdoors you can partake in activities that don’t feel like just a workout such as hiking, cycling, walking and running. The added benefit is that outdoor exercise is also free, making it cheaper and easier to incorporate into your life. Unlike a gym, the outdoors is easily accessible all day and night, allowing you to go for walks and to exercise in lunch breaks and at convenient times.

Some local park locations and beach fronts also offer outdoor fitness equipment which is free for all residents to use and enjoy. The idea of the Beachfront Series is to help create spaces where people can enjoy and use the local areas and be out in nature. The equipment is designed to improve the strength, fitness, coordination and flexibility of all age groups. So get out into the sunshine today and enjoy the outdoors.

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