What are the benefits of an Outdoor Playground?

A great way to keep your child happy and healthy is to take them to an outdoor playground. Children of all ages can benefit from the physical skills that are involved in playing actively outdoors. Using a slide provides climbing exercises for the legs, bars exercise arms and shoulders, swings engage all of the muscles, balance and coordination, and altogether, encourages cardiovascular exercise. Activities such as swinging, digging, running, climbing and balancing all contribute to a child’s emotional, physical and social development.

A great social benefit of outdoor playgrounds is that children are getting outdoors and are interacting with each other. They learn to take turns on play equipment and have conversations with each other in different areas of play. They exercise self-control while waiting for play equipment to become free and they observe each other in action. A playground is a place where children of all ages, race and economic levels are able to come and play together in a community environment.

These days parents must really struggle to get their children outside. With the numerous technological temptations that are out there for our children to focus on.  Gone are the days where children played outside with their siblings, friends and neighbourhood kids until it becomes dark and were called in for dinner.

5 tips to get your children outside and active.

  1. Visit a National Park in your local area
  2. Instead of sitting and watching TV after dinner why not go for a walk with the family.
  3. Camp in the backyard
  4. Start a Vegetable patch in the backyard
  5. Add a playset or cubby house to the backyard

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