10 07, 2018

The Benefits of an Outdoor Playground

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A great way to keep your child happy and healthy is to take them to an outdoor playground. Children of all ages can benefit from the physical skills that are involved in playing actively outdoors. Using a slide provides climbing exercises for the legs, bars exercise arms and shoulders, swings engage all of the muscles, [...]

8 05, 2018

Shading our Kids Sports Courts for Sun Safety

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Some of us grew up playing our team sports on dirt courts or maybe you had the unfortunate pleasure like me to fall over on the gravel netball courts and skin both your hands and knees. We all grew up running and playing on open grassy fields with the sun beating down on us with [...]

23 04, 2018

Things to think about when creating your perfect playground

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What is your budget and time frame for your playground? Do you need to fundraise or apply for a grant for your playground? Where will your playground be located? Will it be a community play area or a school playground? What type of playground are you wanting to create? Contemporary, traditional, adventure or inclusive playground. [...]

3 04, 2018

5 Playground Safety Tips for Parents

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Checkout these 5 simple playground safety tips to keep your children safe whilst playing. #1 Choose age-appropriate equipment Choose the right play area with age-appropriate equipment for the age of your child. Playgrounds can be designed with age groups in mind, so if your child is only a toddler don’t take them to the Primary [...]

26 03, 2018

5 Tips To Get Your Children Outside

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These days parents must really struggle to get their children outside. With the numerous technological temptations that are out there for our children to focus on.  Gone are the days where children played outside with their siblings, friends and neighbourhood kids until it become dark and were called in for dinner. Take these 5 simple [...]

7 03, 2018

The Benefits of Motion in the Playground

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Motion playground equipment moves us in a way that static equipment cannot. There is nothing more exhilarating than swinging high in the sky or spinning around. Motion play engages a child’s motor skills and involves the muscles in the arms and the legs. Using motion equipment challenges children and creates an environment for growth and [...]

26 02, 2018

Indoor Playground Themes

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The benefit of an indoor playground is that it is not weather dependent, allowing children a safe space to play rain or shine. They allow children to use their imagination by creating a themed playground area that will challenge and excite. By utilising a theme such as pirate ships, castles, jungles or animals you portray [...]

12 02, 2018

Fundraising for your new playground

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Many schools apply for grants for a new playground, but grants only cover part of the cost, and fundraising becomes an essential component to realising a new playground. A fundraising plan is a great way to make raising money easy and simple. To prepare for fundraising it is best to create a committee made up [...]

30 01, 2018

Playground Surfacing Solutions

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There are many questions that come up when designing a playground surface. What does it cost? Is it safe? Is it accessible? How does it affect the person using the playground? To select a suitable softfall surface solution you must look at what is its purpose and does it suit the needs of the child and [...]

23 01, 2018

The Significance of Play

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When children play together they develop all of their senses. They practice their speech and listening skills and help to develop their non-verbal communication skills. There social skills develop and this prepares them for the adult world. During play children practice communication, reasoning, rapport building, empathy, conflict resolution, negotiation skills and the ability to read [...]