With an increasing focus on safety in playgrounds, it is important to still have an emphasis on risk-taking. When there is no risk in a playground it can become boring for children and they will become disinterested. Risk helps children to extend their boundaries and strengthens their abilities. They learn to assess whether they can climb higher, swing farther or jump longer.

Children learn how to assess risk from a young age and will proceed with caution in new and potentially dangerous situations. By introducing children to risk in a safe, controlled and supervised environment like a playground, they learn to explore while being careful. Everyday bumps and bruises are a natural part of growing up however, a balance must be found between risk and potential injury.

Playgrounds should still protect children from potential dangers such as entrapment, broken limbs and severely being hurt but, rather than providing as little risk as possible, give as much risk as children can handle.

Play Poles have been designing, manufacturing and installing playgrounds for over 25 years. Our team can assist you in designing a playground that incorporates risk but still complies to all Australian safety standards.  For more information contact us today.

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