It is important that your playground equipment is safe and meets regulations. Combine this with adult supervision and you go a long way towards making the playground a safe, fun place to play. However, it also important to teach your child how to play safely on the equipment and act responsibly in the following ways:

  • It is important not to push or roughhouse while on playground equipment such as jungle gyms, slides and swings. This behaviour can lead to accidents.
  • Equipment should be used correctly. When going down a slide go feet first, don’t stand on swings and keep inside the guard rails.
  • When jumping your child should make sure they have a clear space in front of them and that they are bending their knees.
  • Place bikes, bags and school bags away from equipment so they don’t cause a trip hazard.
  • Take off bike helmets when playing on the equipment.
  • Don’t use the playground equipment when it’s wet as it could be slippery.
  • Check the equipment in the summertime for heat. If it is hot to touch it can lead to contact burns.
  • Don’t wear clothing with drawstrings or cords as they can get caught on equipment and lead to strangulation. Other items such as purses or necklaces can get caught also.
  • Always wear sunscreen, even on a cloudy day as the UV index can still be high or choose a playground that has a shade shelter over it.

For more information on designing a safe playground please feel free to contact us.