When planning and designing a recreation space you need to think beyond the playground to what will make your area useful and relaxing. The most common amenities to have in a playground is seating, strategically placed so you can see your child on the playground and still sit comfortably. There is a need to consider people without children who would like to sit in more secluded areas of the park for solitude.

Tables & Seating Areas

Picnic tables are also a great addition to a recreation space for families to sit and eat at. Tables should be accessible for all patrons so they should have an extended lip to accommodate a person in a mobility device. There should be paths of travel between all seating to make it truly accessible.

Rubbish Bins, Bags & Water Fountains

A number of rubbish bins located throughout the area including the entrance and exit to the park. Making sure there is enough rubbish receptacles will ensure the park stays clean and tidy for all users. An environmentally friendly option is to provide recyclable bins in the area for aluminium, paper and glass. Bins can come in a variety of materials like coated steel, plastic or wood and a variety of colours to fit in with the environment.

Many households own a dog and like to bring them to the park for fun and exercise. It is a good idea to have doggie waste bags situated around the park for pet owners. Dual water fountains for humans and dogs are also a great idea to include pets in the recreation space. Off-leash dog parks can also have obstacle courses for pets to get a workout too.

Shade Options

Another popular option at a park is a shade shelter. Steel shelters or pavilions provide protection from rain and also from the harmful rays of the sun. They provide a great space for parties and group get-togethers.

It is very common for a shade sail to be constructed over a playground to protect the kids from the sun and they provide a cooling effect. Shade sails are very versatile and come in a range of colours and sizes.

Fitness Equipment

A great way to include adults in the playground is to include outdoor fitness equipment in the park area. Parents can get a workout while kids play in the playground. A running track can be included in the area and fitness equipment placed periodically along the route or you can create a fitness park with the equipment clustered together.

Play Poles can help you with all your recreation area needs and can provide you with guidance on all amenities placement.

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