A playground is a place that allows children to develop their physical skills, interact with other children, build their self-confidence, feed their imagination and helps to prepare them for the adult world.

A playground is a place that allows children to challenge themselves in a place designed and built especially for them.

Our playground equipment generally address the following:

  • Muscular strength, breathing and endurance
  • Refinement of balancing skills
  • Development of co-ordination skills
  • Encourages bilateral and reciprocal arm movement
  • Provides a variety of sensory experiences (tactile, vestibular, proprioceptive and visual stimuli)
  • Improves perception of space, body awareness and judgement (position, direction, size and space)

Below is some standard examples of playground equipment we can create, however we can customise all of our playgrounds to suit your specialised conditions.

Play Duo 1

Play Duo 3

Play Fort – Half

Play Fort – Quarter

Play Fort 1

Play Gym 3

Play Jungle 2

Play Maze

Play Pirates

Play Zone 1

St Lucia

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Add On Options – Panels and Climbing Structures