Play Poles have been designing, manufacturing, installing and repairing playgrounds along with their associated playground products for over 2o+ years.  Not only do we build indoor and outdoor playgrounds along with outdoor fitness equipment to the strictest Australian Safety Standards.  Our team can also provide the extra products that make your playground complete. Spare parts are also available for playgrounds, or we can conduct repairs to any existing playground with our products.

Australian Safety Standards

  • AS 4685.1-6 & 11:2014
  • AS 4422:2016
  • AS 4685.0:2017

Each playground offers activities for children of all ages helping them to learn and develop their skills. The use of playground equipment also assists in the development of social skills such as sharing and cooperation. Activities in the playground generally address the following:

  • Muscular strength, breathing & endurance
  • Refinement of balancing skills
  • Development of coordination skills
  • Encourages bilateral and reciprocal arm & leg movement
  • Provides a variety of sensory experiences
  • Improves perception of space, body awareness and judgement

Play Poles Playgrounds are designed to be visually impacting and enticing children to have fun. Our playgrounds are highly durable and great value for money. We can provide a complete solution for your next project. Contact us today

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